Saturday, May 30, 2009


From left to right are Barbara, Elizabeth (in distance), Eru looking the lady liberty, and Mandie.
Today I got to learn from a good teacher. Phicra, a guest instructor, gave our group a lesson in building snowflakes, one prim, one texture, one script. Seems simple. This task had it all. A comprehensive beginner building class in one prim. The snowflake encircling Eru's head did not belong there, but demonstrates what students who are allowed to multi task can come up with. Along the way we wore them as circular saws through our chests and other body parts. In the end we reduced them and wore them as broaches.

There is a gated garden in the classroom sandbox now where full perm builds sit to copy, deconstruct and improve upon. (Please tell me if they are not copy and modifiable. I have such a time with permissions.)

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