Sunday, November 15, 2009

Negotiation Training in Second Life

ISTE SL Tour - Sunday November 15 9-10am SLT

We met with Marc Wizenheim (aka Mark Jankowski) for a training session at which we learned to prepare for negotiations. The skills were applicable to business and personal life.

Marc taught us 4 concepts having to do with negotiation preparedness and to do so he led us through a series of scenes. In each he told a story that illustrated one of the four points. He took us to a corporate office of a baseball team overlooking the ball field, at the Santa's village of a shopping mall, in an orchestra pit, and on a mountain side. Throughout we were to consider a case study of negotiating the purchase of 1200 computer monitors. At each phase we had to solve a problem and explain our solution. Visual, interactive, place based.

Thanks to Praxilady for organizing this.

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