Friday, September 17, 2010

PLN V.2 - in context

I've expanded my PLN map. My map still emphasis the people in my Personal Learning Network. Access to lots of people, people from all over the world, people whose ideas interest me, who are interested in my ideas, from whom I want to learn, with whom I exchange, collaborate, chat, create, or with whom I correspond through their works. The tools make the meeting, creating exchanging possible.

Time is a theme that continues to emerge in all my computer mediated networking and communication.
  • Immediacy: information and expert opinions immediately available.
  • Synchrony: sharing - if not space, time. presence, connection, shared virtual experience
  • Asynchrony: in our own time, thoughtful contributions
  • Persistence: people, connections, artifacts persist over time. But for how long. Colleagues in sl for 3+years. Colleagues in MOOC? Will we continue to share time and space after the course is over.
  • Time zones - world wide time. Sometimes is is yesterday, today and tomorrow. Somehow this is important.
More to come.