Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trawling for connectivism

I am trawling the blogosphere (netting the net) for explanations of, reactions to, interpretations of, expansions on and critiques of connectivism. The net I'm using pulls in a lot of dumped tires and plastic bottles. But I'm also finding the good stuff.

I found a succinct 2007 post from Jeff Utecht that offers insight.
...We need to change teaching at its roots. At the very foundation….the pedagogy. Some disagreed with me saying that good teaching is still good teaching. I’m just not sure if I can swallow that.
Does good teaching in 1920 look the same as good teaching in 1950….1980…..1990…..2000?. With the advancements in brain research alone can you say that good teaching never changes?

At this moment I think George Siemens Knowing Knowledge and connectivism theory of learning best represents how learning and knowledge has been changed in this new 2.0 world. (Utrecht, 2007)
Jeff argues that society is changing, that knowledge and learning has changed, that the way we teach needs to change, and that the theory of connectivism can lead us to a new pedagogy (not that it is the pedagogy - which many critiques claim).

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