Monday, May 27, 2013

Jokay, Techo Tim and a Trade Fair

During our first in-world class, we interviewed Jo Kay (Jokay Woolongoong) about Jokaydia, how she came to start it and the types of projects that are happening on the grid. She explains many of the affordances of virtual worlds. Our recorded meeting can be seen here.

The we received a tour by Technotool Tim of North Country School District. In his region he provides landscape design students the chance to try out their design in 3D. Our recorded meeting with Tim can be seen here.

Sunday a group of us attended the North Coast TAFE virtual trade fair. A group of marketing/business students put on the fair to practice developing and presenting marketing services to a virtual client. As is often the case in virtual worlds - after the serious work we had a little fun in the Mystery Box.

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