Friday, January 31, 2014

Take Aways from Vermont Fest 2013

Vermont Fest is the annual fall Educational Technology workshop sponsored by VITA-Learn, Vermont's ISTE affiliate.

Thursday was Minecraft day for me. Sally Bisaccio, Mike Beardsley, William and I gave a collaborative presentation to a standing room only, spilling into the hall, crowd. Called "Minecraft: This will Blow Your Mind," our talk was very well received and led to the making of many connections with fellow educators and fellow gamers. The big take away for me is that "kid" perspective is powerful.

Thanks to our older kid, Mike, for our theme and for the video of him blowing stuff up in Minecraft. Thanks to our chronological kid, William, for being charming, enthusiastic, and easy with answers and demonstrations! [The crowd had a great experience because of you.] Links to our presentation material is here.

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mike b said...

Hey Jane, And what a presentation it was! Love the "older kid blowing things up" comment! Seems like we have a few more presentation ideas to discuss in the near future. Mike B.